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Team Travel
by Rachael Ferguson
June 1, 2021

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Headed to Palmito

Covid-19 played a role in the inability of teams being able to travel to Colombia in 2020. We are thrilled that this summer, Footprints with Hope is able to send two teams in to the country once again to help villages in need. A team from Amelia, Ohio will be going to Brisas del Mar in June. And we are excited about the team from Dayton, Ohio going in to Palmito, Colombia, for the first time ever!

Palmito is a village we have talked about in our previous blog. They are a community of Indigenous people called the Zenú. Footprints with Hope, paired with Restoration Park Church, has been planning this trip for over a year. We are very excited to finally be able to see it come to life, July 9-16! 11 of us will be traveling to Palmito, where will stay in the city of Sincelejo. Each day we will take a bus into the village, a 45 min ride one way.

Projects for the week

While we are in Palmito, we have a few intentions. One, we will be completing a construction project in the village of a small one room warehouse. The purpose of this warehouse will be for the women in the community to have a space where they can make the purses/wallets/hats, etc that provide them an income. Currently, they use a small space inside a home, sharing one sewing machine. The building will allow them to have space to work as well as provide a secure location to keep the inventory once it has been made. Therefore, they can accomplish more, giving them a more stable future. We also will place doors on their church building.

The current space for making of the purses/bags

We will hold a children’s program, a women’s program, and host a medical brigade. We plan to take baseball supplies for the youth in Palmito, who currently use cardboard boxes as gloves and 2x4s for bats. Our medical brigade will take place in Bajo Grande, another Zenú community, who has never had medical assistance come to them. Imagine never having your own toothbrush! We will take basic supplies like toothbrushes, vitamins, skin creams, cold and flu medicines and pain relievers to provide the care we can have at our fingertips here in the States.

You can participate, too!

We understand travel can still be a little intimidating in these times. However, you can participate with us in other ways! Due to the great need that exists in Palmito and Bajo Grande, we are going to be taking basic school supplies and medical items to leave with these communities. Again, every day stuff we can find easily, they struggle to obtain. Therefore, through our Amazon link you can support our team and help their village! We promise to provide live updates while we are there (signal providing) as well as pictures and updates to follow. You have the opportunity to bless these people and be a part of carrying hope to them through this simple act. We need all supplies no later than July 1, because we have to pack them up and leave July 9.

A secondary way you can participate is to order a bag from the women of Palmito. You can see those here. Please note we will bring those back upon our return July 16 and ship it to you. Your purchase supports that community in a unique way and gives you a beautiful item to carry around in return or give as a unique gift.

Our team thanks you for your support and the difference you make in your donations. We will have some guest blogs following the trip from team members excited to share about their experiences.

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