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Water:  A Necessity

At Footprints with Hope, one of the projects we assist with is helping villages get clean water.  A core necessity we all need in order to be healthy is clean water.  Imagine washing your dishes in dirty water, or bathing yourself in water with scum or parasites.  Even worse, think about drinking water that is yellow or brown because that is your only source of water.

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Without Clean Water

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Sustainable Systems

In Colombia 1.4 million people live without clean water.  This leads to skin diseases, tooth decay, stomach viruses and more.  We are working to help one village at a time get access to clean water.  Each village has a different method for clean water that works best for their community and we work with the village councils to ensure the sustainability of clean water in each location for which we receive funding.

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One Village at a Time

Thus far, we’ve been able to place clean water in 3 villages in Sucre, Colombia in the indigenous villages of the Zenú.  Each water system is estimated to cost between $10,000 – $15,000, depending on the number of people in the village.  We have the goal of helping one village at a time obtain access to clean water so they can have a healthier future in a sustainable way.

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