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Our Mission & Approach

There are 7 million displaced people in Colombia, of which 80% are women and children.  Additionally, an amazing 1.4 million of them are also without clean water.  We exist to help them find and obtain a sustainable way of life.  

This support is delivered through programs teaching women a skill trade, helping put in clean water systems and sending teams to Colombia to do work in the less fortunate communities.

We utilize the knowledge and help of in-country experts.  Our program manager, Luis Andres helps us hire educated Colombians to teach the skills, the rights and work with the communities to create a sustainable project which will last because it stems from their cultural roots.  Our goal is not to change their culture, our goal is to come alongside the Colombians and help them learn these sustainable skills/systems so they can carry forward for years to come as we continue to extend our reach to various communities. 

How We Got Started

The foundation was founded in 2019 as a small, start-up non-profit organization.  We partner alongside Colombians to help carry hope to their communities through projects of sustainability, education, income, and opportunities for the betterment of their lives–one step at a time.   We help connect people from the U.S. with their interests and abilities to travel with us or donate to the projects of all types throughout Colombia!  We serve in the displaced communities of Colombia.

In 2019 we traveled to 18 different villages across Colombia to have conversations with their communities to learn about their needs and their dreams.  While the demand exists for multiple programs due to the difficult economy, we repeatedly heard the desire amongst the villages to help the women.  Colombia is a mysogynistic culture, leaving many of the women without resources to care for themselves and their children, coming from abandoment or violent home circumstances.  Therefore, our flagship program became the Luchadora program.  Our focus is in the rural areas amongst the displaced Colombians.

What We Do

Women’s Economic Empowerment

We provide programs that support women’s equality and vocational growth for a better future.

Clean Water Initiatives

Water is the key to life.  We work to bring clean, healthy water to the displaced communities in Colombia.

Community Outreach

We work with the communities to enrich their lives with sustainable, and long-lasting projects they greatly need.

Our Vision

At Footprints with Hope we desire to create sustainable ways for the Colombians to grow and have a more promising future. Through our programs we desire to:


  • Build human rights
  • Grow self-esteem
  • Teach/provide sustainable ways for the Colombians to continue bettering their futures

Make a Donation!

Our vision is for women to have a safe place to live with a way to make an income for themselves, an avenue which is currently lacking severely in Colombia.  We hope to provide a house of refuge for women facing violent situations.

We desire to teach sustainable skill trades in various rural areas so women and children can have a safer life.

The vision of the foundation is for every person in Colombia to have access to clean water.

Lastly, we desire for all communities to know each one of them have value.  We do this through visiting them and working alongside them in sustainable projects necessary for the betterment of their lives.

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