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Life-changing Trips

Join Footprints with Hope for an experience that will change not only the lives of Colombians, but your life as well!  We take groups into remote villages, as well as working in the inner-city. 

Footprints with Hope would love to have you join our team for a week.  We offer community outreach for all ages.  Projects range from construction, to medical teams, to women and children’s programs.  Inclusion and diversity is important to our organization and we enjoy facilitating groups from all backgrounds!

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Sustainable Projects

Together, we build the communities of Colombia, which have experienced extreme circumstances and economic difficulties.  We strive to make our projects sustainable and long-lasting, meeting the Colombians where they most need it. 

Our teams have helped build churches, repair clinic facilities, assisted in medical brigades, worked with empowering women, equipped and worked with baseball teams, built structures for community work-space, and hosted children’s programs.

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Lasting Friendships

When you travel with us, you’ll learn about the Colombian culture, experience the joy of the various communities, and find lasting friendships.  Join us for an experience that changes lives across the globe.

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