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The Luchadoras en Acción Program stands for “Women Warriors in Action.”  We call it this because the women who participate are truly fighters for their well being and have overcome difficult circumstances of abuse, war, rape, and/or single parenting.  Of the 7 million displaced people in Colombia, 80% are women and children.

The Luchadora Program is built to help women learn their rights and gain a sustainable skill along with financial training.  Therefore, they can then move forward earning a sustainable income for their future.

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Fighting for their Futures

In Colombia, the women face a male dominant culture, often devaluing their worth and not allowing for equal opportunities.  The country faces economic hardship as a whole, with an average daily wage of $9.  The women have even less opportunity and struggle to be able to provide for their children.  Many of the homes in Colombia do not have a male presence full-time, often leaving the female in a dire financial situation.

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Teaching Skills

Through the Luchadoras en Acción Program, these women are being offered a way forward for their future and the future of their children.  In the program, women learn a skill/trade which makes sense for their community area, such as hair styling, bead making, rug weaving, etc.  

They are taught these skills along with financial management.  The program also utilizes the expertise of psychologists, who work with each woman on the emotional issues they face, teaching them of their value and walking alongside them to heal from emotional wounds.

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Each Woman has Value

Every woman has a story to tell.  Each woman comes to the program with experiences which have changed her life, often times making it more difficult.  We believe every person, every woman has value.  Part of the women learning their value is each one being listened to, sharing their own journey.  At the end of the program, the stories will be put together for their voice to be heard world-wide.  They also will receive a starter kit with the ability to get their way of income going.

Each woman is accepted on an application basis and it will include follow up post-program to ensure they continue to have the emotional support they will gain from the time in the program.

Hear from the Women

Every person has a story to tell which further impacts how we do our programs and why the foundation exists.  Our graduates have deep appreciation for what they have learned in the program and the opportunity it provides them.  As the women tell us their stories, listen to their hearts as they share in these brief videos the difference the Luchadora program makes in their lives and for their futures.

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