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Voice of Colombia: Sandra
by Rebecca Groves
June 27, 2024

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*Blog written by Rebecca Groves & Sandra Izquierdo*

We are story tellers! From the first babbles of speech till we take our final breaths, we are telling stories. Each team that travels to Colombia comes in contact with dozens of amazing Colombians who have a story. They are doing their part to share hope with one another and make Colombia a better place for all. One of the many goals and mission of the Foundation is to help share their stories. Through photos, videos, memories, our own stories, or hearing directly from partners in Colombia.

Sandra is one of those partners in Colombia. Recently Sandra has graduated from college and approaches her work at the Foundation with dedication and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to meet her the last time I was in Colombia. Spending just a short time with Sandra you will feel like life long friends. She jumps right in, engaging and bringing laughter, joy, and confidence to a room filled with women meeting for the first time.

To share a voice of the Luchadora program in Colombia, the first person that came to mind was Sandra. (Written by Sandra, translated by Rachael Ferguson)

Confronted with the challenge.

May the grace of God be with you. 

My name is Sandra Milena Gaviria Izquierdo and I am 23 years old. I graduated from the Oldest University Institution of Cartagena, where I studied technology in Social Promotion. In 2023 I used these studies through interning with Footprints with Hope in the role of social promotions and also supporting through psychosocial assistance to the women.

At first, I did not believe that working with women would be a challenge, I had already had previous experience with another foundation during my initial years of study. However, I was confronted with the challenge of being seen as an equal with them and not as an authority figure because of my age. I am grateful to God that this changed with time. As we went through time and months together and we participated in activities together, we were able to build a line of respect and confidence. 

The Luchadora Women from Barrio Maria 2024

During my classes at the university, while learning about theories and practices, it seemed easier to face these type of community challenges. However, I discovered that I love this work and how God can work in and through me.

Today, I continue giving my services to this community of women through Footprints with Hope. We still face challenges but we know that God is with us in all that we do, and He loves us as we are. 

Psychosocial Accompaniment

1) Its purpose is to address social problems  that are evident cases of threat or violation of rights in the communities.

2) We provide accompaniment to women and children from the neighborhoods: La Maria, Olaya, Colombiaton, Flor de Campo, Cicentenario, Villas de Aranjuez and  neighboring communities.

3) What do you think of this work: It is beautiful, it is to know the most human side of the people and allow that opportunity that many of them often yearn for: to be heard, valued and respected.

 4) I love being a part of this program: Las Luchadoras. 

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