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Dreams of growing up…
by Rachael Ferguson
March 1, 2024

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When I grow up

*Blog written by Rebecca Groves*

When we are told we can be whatever we want to be or do whatever we like to do when we grow up, we tend to believe this statement. We carry this belief with us throughout childhood and adolescence, dreaming of being a basketball player, a doctor, a flower shop owner, or President of the United States. These dreams shape our decision-making and launch us onto a path to achieve these goals.

Why we believe in the dream

One of the reasons we so readily believe this statement is because of the resources and access to these resources. We can become doctors because we have access to educational opportunities. Thanks to Disney World, we can become princesses or mermaids. Etsy opened the world to hand-made items, allowing creative individuals to open their own shop wherever they may be.

If you remove this access, achieving these goals and believing that we can aspire to do what we desire becomes difficult, if not impossible. For many individuals tucked away in tiny villages of Colombia, lack of access to resources stifles the ability to achieve attainable goals. Many women of these villages have skills that can lead to income for their families. Skills like sewing, cooking, administration, etc. However, they lack the reliability of resources to utilize these skills in profitable ways.

Pueblo Nuevo

One such example is in Pueblo Nuevo, just outside Majagual- a forgotten community of persons amidst the rice fields of Colombia. Rice is a favorable crop for the farmers in this area. While this does supply a steady income for some, for others (especially women) opportunities and resources are scarce. But for others, there is hope.

When Footprints with Hope was first asked to come to the village to talk about options and involvement (after other foundations had been asked and turned down the ability to go in to the village) a specific request was made. Tatianna, a young mother in the community, envisioned a sewing project established for Pueblo Nuevo’s women and young girls. Many women already made their clothing, but with no reliable resources, the skills could not carry forward.

Footprints with Hope steps in

In February, a small team of board members traveled to Pueblo Nuevo to spend time with the women and children. The community dutifully prepared for this small team to arrive. They prepared melas, proudly took us to their school, and the church opened their doors for community programs and many hugs to go around. The team spent an evening playing games and teaching English to the youth, as well as a beautiful morning in fellowship with the women. This team, however, had a surprise of their own to share with the community.

Through the generous donations of individuals, the request for five sewing machines was procured for the Sewing Project, with additional funds to buy fabric, thread, ribbons, patterns and other supplies. As team members unloaded the car, women looked on in disbelief. With hands raised high and a smile her face, Tatianna raised her voice and declared “Toda la gloria a Dios!”

Shared joy

The women are so excited to share their skills, and they already conducted their first sewing class for community members. They eagerly shared photos and videos of the morning spent teaching one another and providing new ways for women to better their futures and families.

This was a glimpse of a brighter future in Colombia of women gathering, smiling, learning, and growing together. This is the Colombia we love to see! This is the joy in sharing. Please follow our photos, stories and fun Colombian facts on facebook.

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