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Wrapping up 2023
by Rachael Ferguson
December 31, 2023

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Reflecting back

*Blog written by Rebecca Groves*

Taking inventory is a time-honored tradition at the close of any year. In so doing, we can each note achievements and goals met. At the Foundation, we have many highlights from 2023.

Warrior women in action

The Luchadora program accepted 80 women at the start of the year. Since its inception in 2021, we have seen this program double in size. Each of these women representes a change for the individual and an entire family unit. Women are breaking generational chains with the empowerment and equipping from the program. We have seen many mothers and daughters in the program each year.

Of the 80 women accepted this year, 67 graduated from the program in October. They fulfilled all class and seminar hours, as well as their specialized skill requirements. The remaining women are offered the time to finish the program and graduate at a later time. Each woman works hard to achieve this milestone, and celebrating with them in October is a great joy.

Casting the net

Widespread are our efforts in Colombia. This year, we served nine communities through the Foundation’s efforts. Cartagena has two smaller communities where women come from to the Luchadora program. These efforts included freshwater initiatives, medical brigades, small business supplies, empowering and equipping skills, and simply being present with community members.

Small and large teams give their time and talents to complete this work. Teams take the time to listen to community members and their hopes, dreams, and desires for their families and villages. This work is accomplished through small donations, classroom fundraisers, corporate sponsors, dedicated partners, and monthly support. There is room for any level of patronage in any area of interest.

Casting the vision

Founder and CEO of Footprints with Hope, Rachael Ferguson, reflects on 2023, the success of the Luchadora program, and how it has grown and takes great pride in the Foundation’s achievements with these women. This year’s medical brigade has positive feedback and laid the groundwork for future trips of its kind. A great, rather large, vision is being cast for 2024. We are boldly stepping towards providing connections, empowerment, bright futures, and hope in the coming new year.

You can view our recap and testimonies from the women this year here

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